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Project Management

Fullbrook Construction has established a well-earned reputation for providing an holistic approach to the construction industry, something Fullbrook and their clients believe is long overdue. We also have considerable expertise in more innovative methods of building such as modular construction.

Fullbrook offers our clients a very flexible forms of procurement. Appointments are tailored to the needs of each individual project and client, and this provides a successful strategy to build a range of projects of any size and value. Our main strength is bringing projects to completion at far lower costs through the help of our supply partners.

We work closely with our clients to control contractors and consultants, all to ensure budget performance and to achieve their goals. On the project management side our main drive is to give good value added business. In addition, the company can prepare and monitor programmes, administer construction process and carry out the required on-site project services needed to deliver a project.

One of the company's core competencies is in controlling risk for clients and developers and maximising their returns and minimising their risk. On a particular project, Fullbrook managed to secure savings in excess of £7 million and renegotiated another project bringing an additional return of £2.5 million.